What is classed as a Medical Alert/Assistance Dog ?

There isn’t a national standard for medical alert dogs. There are some  registered charities that belong to organisations. There is no common standard or governing body controlling all types of assistance dogs. You and your dog will have the same rights as any other.


What about Public Access ?

This is a very confusing topic ! I have read numerous documents and current Government Acts and I strongly suggest that  you educate yourself in this matter

Have a look at the Equality Act 2010  www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents

The feedback that I receive from diabetic people/dogs that I have trained is that the alert dogs are being granted access. (It is important that your dog is well behaved and sociable). However there are no certainties that you will not come across a problem at some point.

What about Certification ?

Your dog will work through a number of assessment units to support the training and at the conclusion you will be issued with  a Certificate and ID Badge for you and your dog.